Rent To Buy

Curious if a Specialized E-Bike or S-Works bike are right for you? You can now pay for one as you go! Select your bike for pricing details.

By signing up for S-Limitless you gain access to an exclusive program that allows you to pay for the use of a bike in 30-day increments.  If you choose to buy the bike you are riding, all dollars spent go towards your purchase!



  • Rental agreement renews every 30 days.
  • 20% refundable security deposit.
  • Free service every 3 months (Valued at $150 each).
  • All dollars go toward optional purchase of bike.
  • 3 month price guarantee.
  • Direct product support.
  • Want to upgrade/swap parts? No problem. Just return it with the original parts and keep the upgrades.
  • We got you covered, full factory warranty life of program and after purchase.


MTB Options
On-Road Options