Retül Sizing

The custom service every rider needs on a new (to you) bike. Get the contact points comfortable by making sure product selection is correct for your body on the bike.

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RETÜL SIZING $100 | 1 hour

In a 1-hour Sizing Session with our professionally trained Retül Fit Specialist, we can focus on making adjustments and recommendations to help you feel more comfortable on your new bike. During the sizing appointment we will:
- Find out about your cycling goals, needs, pains and concerns in our pre-fit interview.
- Take a sit bone measurement to better understand what saddle will work for you unique skeletal structure.
- Take a foot arch height measurement to recommend foot beds.
- Check your saddle height.
- Check and set your saddle fore/aft positioning.
- Check and adjust the position of the stem, to create a more comfortable handlebar position.
- Increase your comfort.
- Create efficient pedaling bio-mechanics.
- Help protect you from injury.
The Sizing appointment comes with your bike purchase. It is valued at $100, which can be credited towards a Retül Fit, if you decide to take the customization further.
Book a Sizing Appointment, or ask our expert Retül Fit Specialists more today.