Basic Service

Complete adjustment of most components and installation of accessories

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Think of this as your bike check-up. We’ll adjust your brakes and gears, plus make sure the wheels are rolling straight. A Basic Service will ensure that your bike is safe to ride and that all components of your bike are properly adjusted and will also include the following:

  • Safety Check
  • Check Nuts and Bolts
  • Pump Tires
  • Lube Chain
  • Adjust Derailleurs, Brakes, Bottom Bracket, Headset
  • True Wheels
  • Install Cables and Housing*
  • Replace Brake Pads*
  • Lube Pivots, Install Chain*
  • Install Tape/Grips*
  • Change Tires*
  • Install/Flip Stem*
  • Swap Cassette*
  • Install/Swap Pedals*
  • Install Most Accessories*

*Parts and accessories not included